Deliveries and delivery-related claims

Deliveries in Poland are made in cooperation with the express delivery companies Schenker, DHL and DPD. Deliveries abroad are made through the companies Hellman Logistic, HRX, M and M, Dascher.

Goods should be received by a properly authorised person.

Claims for damage or discrepancy with the invoice will be accepted only on the basis of a report signed by the addressee and the forwarding company or carrier.

Form to download:


Conditions of payment for the SHIPMENT of goods to our partners:

the choice of the forwarding agent and method of delivery is made by the sender, i.e. Praxis
goods sent on the same day and to the same address are delivered in one batch,
only products of standard dimensions and weight are included: 
• 12,- zloty, if the total net value of goods exceeds 2,500 - zloty
• 25,- zloty, if the total net value of goods does not exceed 2,500 - zloty

2. Non-standard GOODS: 
include a product of non-standard dimension or weight, 
• from 20 - zloty to 100 - zloty - designated by the special „AUTO” (car) icon in the price-list.

3. Non-standard DELIVERY: 
the choice of the forwarding agent and method of delivery is made by the addressee, i.e. the buyer, 
• according to the forwarder’s price-list - depending on the options chosen

• As a rule, transport costs are calculated on a daily basis and included in the invoice as a separate item, 
• Transport costs may be included in the cost of goods.

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